Scalable connections between clouds

Securely connect to a customer's cloud data lake or warehouse without building pipelines or manage permissions.

Any Data Platform

Securely connect to the platforms where data teams work

Simple-to-set-up connections to any platform. Make your data products instantly accessible in the platforms customers use without building pipelines or managing permissions.

Build on native sharing protocols
Connections to every region in every cloud
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Your Cloud

Share data from your existing platform

Share data directly from the data lake or warehouse your team uses every day. Manage one data product across multiple clouds and platforms.

Integrated with your data lake or warehouse
Manage data in your “single source of truth”
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Why leading companies use Bobsled to power data sharing

Intuitive UI built on powerful API
Build sharing into a programatic experience via our API or empower non-technical teams to manage sharing from our intuitive UI.
Data sharing without the overhead
Create world-class data products accessible anywhere without the need to build pipelines or manage permissions.
Secure, reliable and fast
Deliver powerful new data experiences without worrying about uptime, security or speed.
Witnessing Bobsled accomplish within a few days what we believed would have taken a year and significant investment of resources was incredible - truly a momentous step in the evolution of our business.
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Toby Dayton
CEO, LinkUp
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Introducing Bobsled: The First Data Sharing Platform

After over a year in stealth, we’re excited to publicly launch Bobsled, the world’s first Data Sharing Platform. With Bobsled, data providers, SaaS companies and data teams can share data into another company’s cloud data lake or warehouse without ever leaving their own. 


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