A scalable way to manage data products

The control and insights your team needs to deploy data products at scale.

Define products
Dramatically simplify the way you manage data products
Understand usage
Observability and analytics you need to deliver powerful experiences
Deploy with confidence
Easily update and change your data without a crisis
Product Definition

Go from files and tables to data products

Stop managing hundreds of files across multiple platforms. Define your data products once in Bobsled and enable team members and customers to easily initiate shares, evaluate performance and resolve issues from a single control plane.

Product mapping
Performance optimization (e.g. cluster keys)
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Observability & Analytics

Great data products start with better data

Delivery is no longer a blackbox. Get the observability and usage data your team needs to make sure you build and deliver seamless, powerful experiences for your customers.

Usage and behavioral analytics 
Observability across entire delivery footprint
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Continuous Improvement

Deploy new data products with confidence

Schemas change. Errors in the data are discovered. Stuff happens. Seamlessly update production data products from a single place without breaking customer pipelines or bogging down engineering in hours or tedious integration work.

Schema management
Data quality resolution
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