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Introducing BigQuery Sharing on Bobsled

Teams can now securely share data to customers natively on BigQuery from any data lake or warehouse using the platform’s native sharing protocol.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Bobsled has expanded its support for cross-cloud data sharing to Google BigQuery. Teams can now securely share data to customers natively on BigQuery from any data lake or warehouse using the platform’s native sharing protocol.

BigQuery is a pillar of the modern data stack. It’s where many data teams build the models and reports that turn data into insights for their companies. The easier you can make it for BigQuery users to discover and access your data without ever leaving the platform, the faster they can generate value from your data.

With BigQuery on Bobsled, you can:

  • Securely share data to customers in any region of BigQuery from Snowflake, AWS, Azure, GCP and more
  • Make your data products discoverable on Analytics Hub, BigQuery’s data exchange, in minutes
  • Manage updates, schema changes and errors seamlessly across customers in BigQuery and beyond

Share data to BigQuery from anywhere

BigQuery sharing works like any other destination on Bobsled. Specify the region and BigQuery account where you want it to go, select the files or tables you want to share from your source, and set the loading and update pattern. Within minutes, your customer receives a native share in their BigQuery workspace.

Use the intuitive UI to get started or build on our suite of APIs to build sharing into your workflow or app.

The magic of Bobsled is that you do not need to learn or manage new infrastructure.  Bobsled abstracts away the pain of cross-platform sharing – fragile pipelines, complex permissions structures, and unfamiliar infrastructure – and replaces it with a simple UI and powerful set of RESTful APIs that you can call from anywhere. 

Instantly list data on AnalyticsHub 

Marketplaces have been a devil’s bargain for many data businesses. On the one hand, data platforms have emerged as a powerful new revenue channel for data businesses. On the other hand, the months of engineering work required to get data into a platform so it can be listed on a marketplace often leads providers to hold off until there is proven demand.  

That equation changes with Bobsled. Bobsled allows you to test exchanges like Analytics Hub with near-zero upfront investment. Since Bobsled builds on native sharing protocol, you can create a searchable, public listing on BigQuery AnalyticsHub in minutes with no infrastructure to build, manage or secure. If there’s demand, you can easily scale up delivery; if not, there’s no time wasted. 

Manage updates seamlessly 

Think about the challenge of managing your data products today. Now, imagine you’re managing those products across multiple platforms – many of which your team is just learning. When schemas change and pipelines break, how ready will you be to adapt?

With Bobsled, you no longer need to worry about the other platforms. When changes are made in your data lake or warehouse, it automatically mirrors those changes across the active shares you have with customers. 

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