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Share data anywhere

Deliver data into your consumer’s cloud data lake or warehouse—without ever leaving your own.


Meet your customers where they work

Connect Bobsled to your source, pick the bucket or warehouse where you want the data to go—and Bobsled handles the rest. No accounts to manage or pipelines to build.

Bobsled helped us modernize our data delivery program overnight.

Toby Dayton

CEO, LinkUp

Reduction in onboarding time

Any data,
any cloud,
any platform

Bobsled is built on each platform’s sharing protocol to bring data providers the security and ease of modern sharing without the pain and complexity of multi-cloud management.

Ready-to-query data in minutes

Data integration accounts for 70% of the time teams spend with external datasets. Empower your customers to get to analysis faster by sharing ready-to-query data directly into the platforms where they work.

A single, intuitive control plane

Track and manage every share from one interface. Initiate shares, automate transfers, resolve errors, and monitor usage.

Find out how LinkUp onboards customers in hours (not days) with Bobsled

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different regions supported
cloud destinations supported

Pay for what you use, no upfront commitment

Try Bobsled with your data for free

See Bobsled in action using your own data.

Only pay when you use Bobsled

Bobsled offers pay-as-you-go pricing that scales with you

Fast track your data delivery. Bobsled it.


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Introducing Bobsled: The First Data Sharing Platform

After over a year in stealth, we’re excited to publicly launch Bobsled, the world’s first Data Sharing Platform. With Bobsled, data providers, SaaS companies and data teams can share data into another company’s cloud data lake or warehouse without ever leaving their own. 


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