Playbook: Building a Data Sharing Offering in B2B SaaS

B2B software companies like Stripe, Heap and Braze have turned data sharing into an important part of both their revenue and retention stories. This report will provide everything you need to scope and launch a successful data sharing program.

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Data Providers

6 Strategies to Reduce Churn in a Data Business

In an increasingly competitive environment, data businesses need to help customers find value in their dataset as fast as possible. We spoke with sales and customer success leaders at data companies to identify six tactics for reducing churn. 


Data sharing and SaaS: strategy, pricing and more

In this post, we will walk through what data teams want from SaaS products, why existing capabilities are not meeting requirements, and breakdown how some of the biggest software companies in the world are building and marketing data sharing as their next big feature.

Data Providers

Why LinkUp is Doubling Down on Data Sharing

We talk with Tom Ashenmacher, Chief Revenue Officer at LinkUp, about what makes selling data unique, building more consumable data products and how data sharing is changing the way the company brings its products to market.

Data Providers

Why CoreLogic is Investing in Databricks Marketplace

Learn how Corelogic is using Delta Sharing and Databricks Marketplace to grow its business in the age of AI.


Introducing Delta Sharing on Bobsled

Teams can now instantly share and market data products natively to customers on Databricks without ever managing a Databricks Workspace. 


Guide: Sharing and Marketing Data Products on Databricks

This guide will provide everything you need to start sharing data on Databricks whether you sell data as a product or share data with customers as a value-added service. We’ll walk through the basics of the platform and common use cases and then dive into the things you need to know to get started sharing on the Marketplace and beyond.


Building Data Products That Scale

Bobsled CEO Jake Graham talks with Vertical Knowledge Chief Product Officer Rayne Gaisford and Facteus Co-Founder Jonathan Chin about the investments they are making to not only create differentiated data sets but build products that make accessing those insights as simple and fast as possible.

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Building Data Products in the Age of AI

Sean Austin, CEO of Helios, talks with Bobsled about building data products in the age of AI, what data companies can borrow from software development, and how he thinks about improving user experience for data products.